Cosplay 3 EN

Heroes of Cosplay

International competition with
€3,000 prize pool

How does it work? How does it work?

The cosplay competition has been an integral part of all Meet at Rift events from its beginnings. During the upcoming summer edition of the event, cosplayers will have an even better opportunity to share their passion and creativity.

Introducing Heroes of Cosplay, Meet at Rift’s first ever international cosplay competition. Ten of the best cosplayers will present their outfits during the upcoming event in Łódź. We will cover the cost of the train or plane, as well as the hotel, while offering a prize pool of €3,000.


Cosplay Contest Rules

Participate in the competition and win prizes!

Jury Jury

  • Issabel


  • Andreea Ivanescu

    Andreea Ivanescu

    Riot Games

  • Grzegorz Szabla

    Grzegorz Szabla

    Riot Games

  • TBD