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Take part in the contest and win the prizes!

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Cosplayers are a huge part of the gaming community and the stars of every event. Your passion and creativity deserve support and a place to show it to the world. At Meet at Rift, you will have the chance to shine in front of the audience not only at the event, but also live broadcast in front of thousands of viewers!

We invite you to participate in our cosplay competition, and perhaps you will be among the 10 finalists who will present their costumes and stage skills in Lodz!
And all cosplay fans are invited to vote for their favorites, because it’s up to you who will make the final 10!


Download the rules of the competition

Take part in the contest and win the prizes!

Jury Jury

  • Issabel


    A cosplayer who has been cooperating with the largest game publishers for 9 years. She made hundreds of costumes, including a dress, armor, hooves and wings, trying to reproduce the presented characters as best as possible. He appreciates the quality and accuracy of the costume, will pay attention to the proportions and compliance with the reference graphics. Privately, she has been playing games from childhood, loves all kinds of animals, looks for newer and newer artistic challenges, currently in the form of LARPs and RPGs.

  • Grzegorz Szabla

    Grzegorz Szabla

    Senior Brand Manager Eastern Europe

  • Aleksandra

    Aleksandra "Shappi" Tora

    She specializes in costumes with elements of armor, wings and props, which she has been making for over a decade. She’s strength are thermoplastics, from which it produces imitations of metal. Multiple Polish representative and winner of the international cosplay championship. For several years, as an invited guest of pop culture events, she has been evaluating competitions and giving lectures, from Poland to the USA. She also organizes cosplay competitions or is active on Youtube, where she runs a cosplay channel full of costumes, tutorials and guides for beginners.


    Photo by Made by Dobrochna