PGL Major 2021

Case study
  • Possibilities of brand exposure

    • logotype in the game rotator – during the match, the visibility of the for example KFC logo and other partners on a special bar at the bottom of the screen (example)
    • logotype before and during the broadcast – when the broadcast is offline or there is a break, the screen shows a board with the logo of for example WK Dzik and other partners (example before and example during the broadcast break)
    • logotype on SoMe’s own channels – publications in social media containing the partner logo (example)
    • logotype in PR publications, e.g. articles, press releases (example)
    • visibility of the logotype in the TV studio during broadcast (example)
    • sponsorship billboard – an 8-second movie / animation advertising the brand, which appears at key moments of the broadcast, e.g. before matches, before entering the studio visions (example)
    • advertising spot – a 30-second movie / animation advertising, which appears during broadcast breaks (example)
    • L-screen – L-shaped animation creating an advertisement for the brand that appears in the game during the broadcast (example)
    • Product placement – product placement during the broadcast, e.g. showing a specific product in the most visible place in the studio, caster drinking or eating some product during the broadcast (example)
    • Dedicated publications in SoMe – posts on SoMe channels, specially created for the needs of the brand, containing only the logo and other graphic materials of the brand (example)
    • Brand mention – during matches, casters will talk about the brand as a PGL Major broadcast partner (example)
    • Auto-message in the chat – displaying an automatic message in the chat, containing personalized text and an active link to the page indicated to brand, which will be visible to viewers of the broadcast on (example)
    • Dedicated banner – a dedicated banner of the brand will be placed under the stream on the channel. By clicking on it, the viewer will be redirected to the indicated website (example)
    • Dedicated in-game banner – banner (animation) that will be displayed on the screen during matches (example)
    • Dedicated PR publications – articles, press releases focusing only on the brand (example)
    • Dedicated activities for influencers on their social media channels. (example)
  • How can we sell our products during broadcast?

    • All activities refer to the brand communication channels provided by the client. Available in the form of links or CTA banners under the stream, in the broadcast chat or in SoMe channels
    • During transmission, we can use a number of mechanisms, described in the section “Possibilities of brand exposure”. In a nutshell, it comes down to verbal memories and showing the product / brand either mechanically or through live commentators.

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